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Andrew von der Beck
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News: 09/2011

Cinema4D me

I've put up a collection of 3D images I've made using Maxon Cinema4D. I put it together in a nice wee Javascript slider.


wikileaks gets a new Stylesheet!

A Site which has changed journalism and politics on its head. It's content is rich and valuable. Now we've got a CSS design that allows the content to stand out and be informative.

The layers of style in the new design have been stripped back. Nothing graphical has been added. Only the elements that were on hand have been used. All with the help of one stylesheet!

Check my redesign


News: 10/2010

Halloween 2010 Illustration

Here is my Halloween poster for 2010. Nope, no scarey fonts or typical Halloween gruesomeness here. Loads of stock photos, strong use of shadow and light and some imagination. Gruesome!


News: 09/2010

'Better late than never'

Using Photoshop and some strong use of light and shadow, I've created a night scene. Who would have thought a night scene could be so interesting! 'Better late than never' is the title here.


News: 09/2010

Bowling Competition Invite

I was asked to draw up a Bowling Competition Invite for some folks at AB's. Königsklasse translates as Champions League. I say no more. Some Illustrator work later, I came up with the following.


Test Version: Day at the Studios

Whilst working for City Update I got the chance to use their Sony PMW-EX3 quite a bit. We had a shoot with Mitsubishi Electric whilst at photographer studios in Düsseldorf, Germany.

This is just a test version but I'm going to wrap this video up in some nice 3D effects and titles when I get the chance. [More]

News: 08/2010

30 Best Free Fonts

Found an interesting article at and then decided to play around myself with some new free fonts! I used VAL Stencil, designed by Svetoslav Simov of Fontfabric in the following piece.

typo design

News: 08/2010


OUT with the pie charts, IN with the Info-graphics! Was asked by an american firm to produce a sleek new Info-Graphic about wine consumption in South Africa. 'The larger the Cultivator, the larger the grape - according to hectares planted'. I like! [More]